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Some useful terminology

Want to learn more about how to beat a specific raid? Read more!

Some useful terminology

Postby Zaratorm » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:59 pm

Type of raid battles you may run in:

Damage race: This kind of encounter revolves around killing the boss before it kills your team. Such fights usually share one or more of the following feats:
- A mechanic which guarantees certain defeat if the encounter takes too long (like a periodic / stacking effect or a short enrage timer, at the end of which the boss gains enormous offenses and obliterates the raid)
- Often few damage caused on Pokemon other than the boss's target
- Simple strategy involved

In these fights it's very important to not have any deadweights on the team. Each and every Pokemon should be able to attack if needed, even healers and supporters. Some examples of damage races are: Volcarona, Manaphy, Raikou.

Battle for survival: In this encounter, the individual survival of each Pokemon is the most important aspect of the fight. Such fights usually share one or more of the following feats:
- Long enrage timers (sometimes none at all)
- Unpredictable threat mechanics, random sources of damage and other things which put pressure on the entire team - not just the boss's current target
- One or more strategies which need to be executed in order to achieve success. Not performing these correctly may often lead to defeat regardless of how good the team is

These fights are often considered the hardest ones because players always need to learn something new, and they can't just auto-pilot each round to victory. Some examples of battles for survival are: Articuno, Lugia and Ho-Oh, Kyogre.
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